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    Precidio, Mulitflask

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    Precidio Multi Flask 6-in-1 Multi Use Bottle
    Multi Flask is a complete drinking system that follows you throughout your busy day. Multi Flask allows you to enjoy coffee or tea, fruit infused drinks, power shakes and all forms of hot and cold beverages. Made of high quality materials it is built to last.Eliminate clutter in your house and replace all those drink bottles that are just collecting dust in that never used cupboard. Multi Flaks is reusable so it is a better choice for the environment.The Multi Flask Full set comes with a Tritan outer Shell, a Tritan inner Shell, a Glass Inner Shell and Silicone Base Pad, Tea Strainer, Power Drink Agitator, Fruit Infuser, Sipper Lid (for hot drinks), Spout Lid and 3 Decorative Bands.